Introducing a patented ICF which beats energy-efficiency targets and yet is 40% cheaper than other ICFs.


Twinwall ICF is a new and unique structural walling system that provides outstanding thermal performance, air tightness, extremely low thermal bridging and internal comfort for all building projects from housing to office blocks.

The team behind this innovative and exciting development are now looking for potential investment partners / buyers.

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  • 2020 energy performance of buildings directive - COMPLIANT
    • Standard U value of 0.18.
  • Passivhaus standard - COMPLIANT
    • Virtually zero thermal bridging performance.
  • Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard - COMPLIANT
    • Naturally air tight - <1m3/m2/hr. @50pa
    • Inherent thermal mass - less temperature fluctuations = improved comfort
    • High decrement delay - 9 hours+ which prevents overheating.



  • A+ green guide rating
    • The previous ICF designed by the inventors of Twinwall was awarded A+ Green Guide rating.
  • No CFC’s, HCFC’s or ozone depleting potential materials
    • Expanded Polystyrene is a recognised building material with excellent Green credentials.
  • Recognised construction method for Zero and Low Carbon Homes
    • The Zero Carbon Hub has used ICF constructed properties as exemplars in their research.
  • 65% less impact on transport costs and site storage requirements
    • Due to the unique web design, the forms push flat for transportation and site storage, opening to form a cavity only when required. This means that you get 18m2 of forms for every Twinwall pallet delivered compared with only 6.5m2 with a conventional ICF pallet or a pallet of concrete blocks.


flooded site.jpg
  • Not weather dependant
    • The structure can be completed and the property made weatherproof ahead of mortar-based trades. Wind-speed sensitive operations such as cranage of timber frame and panel systems is avoided.
  • No off-site manufacturing delay
    • ICFs are a modern method of construction regularly referred to as “Off-site” on-site MMC as they have the construction accuracy of an off-site product with on-site availability and ease of use.
  • Large format blocks equate to fast on-site erection
    • Each form is equivalent to 15 concrete blocks
  • Simplified construction details
    • Fewer technical details means less to go wrong on-site which equates to less remedial work and latent defects - no backward sloping wall ties, no blocked cavities, no compacted insulation, no rising damp, no punctured vapour barriers, no rot or mould - the list goes on...


  • 40% cheaper than any other ICF
    • Unique patented web design significantly reduces capital costs and increases product quality.
  • Cheaper than cavity wall, timber frame and panel systems
    • Reduced manufacturing and transport costs combined with speed of erection with no off-site “lead in” times reduces time on-site and associated set-up, preliminary and finance costs.
  • Valuable tax savings through the patent box scheme
    • Up to 50% reduction in Corporation Tax to qualifying companies. 
  • Can be built using semi-skilled labour
    • Effectively tackles the skilled labour shortage.